Few questions..!

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Few questions..!

Postby bladeyoon » Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:19 pm

Hello, I am hoping to find out the clear answer on the following topics.

1. Clarifying the difference between 'contract time' and 'contract'

Based on my understanding, AIA documents,
- 'Contract time' ends at substantial completion.
- 'Contract' ends after the final payment.

I am not quite following how they are different.. and could not find a clear answer through the search tool in this forum.

2. Situation question (my own curiosity)
Let's say if the owner found an incomplete part of construction based on their AIA contract, but it's been 3 years since substantial completion, what can the owner do? Can the owner ask the contractor to come and fix with no cost?

3. According to B101 4.3.2., To avoid delay in the construction phase, the architect shall provide the following additional services, notify the owner with reasonable promptness, and explain the facts and circumstances giving rise to the need. If the owner subsequently determines that all or parts of those services are not required, the owner shall give prompt written notice to the architect, and the owner shall have no further obligation to compensate the architect for those services.

If there is something that really really need to be done as architect's additional service, but if the owner says "No, I don't need that". Then, are you suppose to just work on it without getting compensation? Is that what the bold line saying? I assume it's not the case, because, which means, every owner can always say 'no I don't need that service' when the project actually really need and the architect will end up providing the service for free.

Sorry if I am being a bit ridiculous, but just want to really nail things down, so I know exactly what the contract is saying...!

Really appreciate for your response!

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Re: Few questions..!

Postby bladeyoon » Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:55 am

I guess it is what it is for #3...
I was reading the lecture note from Schiff Hardin on B101 4.3.2 and pretty much describing that the architect just gotta do things that could be additional services in order to keep the project moving forward.
Ultimately, the owner can say not required & not pay architect..
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