Passed 3rd attempt

Building Section Vignette and Multiple Choice

Passed 3rd attempt

Postby schwein » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:28 am

Hey everyone,

I started taking my exams this past June (CDS first) after about 10 years of continuous work.

I am not a strong test taker but took the first test with very little studying (I spent about 8 hours or so a weekend before the test) the first time and failed...

The second time I studied a lot more but really only reading the books not many practice questions... and failed.

I finally took the CDS test the 3rd time recently and passed! I think the reason I passed is I used the designer hacks quizzes and studied them till i got nearly 100% (I think my highest was 99%) on the 100 question full test. As everyone knows the vignette is easy for CDS but the questions are tricky with how they ask them, the designer hacks quizzes helped tremendously and anyone having trouble with the exam i highly recommend this program before the rolling clock pushes you to 5.0. I now need to figure out how to pass the vignette for the PPP exam as i have taken this test 3 times as well and only ever failed the vignette!

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Re: Passed 3rd attempt

Postby dbayrami » Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:17 am

my third attempt is scheduled for late in december. i used designer hacks the first two tries, and keep failing. the vignette is no problem, so thats good at least.

the site zoning vignette for ppp is easy too, but the first time i practiced i had a lot of trouble understanding the language they use for the building envelope. "from a point 20'-0" above the benchmark, rising east at a 30° ......" its hard to picture it the way the write it, in the short time you have.

my advice for the vignettes, any and all of em, is to practice how you write down the information more than how you do the layout. its a "follow the directions" test, so stay organized, keep a check list, and check it more than once before you exit out. i found a critical error the last time, so im glad i used the last ten minutes or so i had left to check again. write the program, check it. write the program again, check it again. they give you plenty of paper exactly for that.

good luck on PPP, i have to tackle that one as well.

ALSO advice, try to finish under 4.0. you're on a good track, CDS, PPP, then do SPD, so if you end up having to transition its way less testing. but try to stay away from 5.0.
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