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construction change directive

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:02 pm
by bladeyoon

I just have one question about change directive.

Based on Caroline's Note page 6,

'if the construction change directive is signed by the owner and architect, the contractor is obligated to perform the work described in it.'
'If the contractor approves of the contract time and/or sum for the work requested in the construction change directive he/she must sign it before commencing the work.'

I am little confused on these two statements. It's basically saying,
1. Contractor must perform the work described on construction directive.
2. Contractor must sign the construction directive BEFORE starting the work if contractor agrees with the time / sum.

If the contractor must perform the work, then does that matter to sign it now or later before starting the work? I understand that once contractor signs it, it will become change order. But, is it important for contractor to sign before starting the job that is described on change directive?