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a quick list of things you should do/read that i did to pass:
_read kateao25's post on CDS - amazing summary!!
_go to Ironwarrior and find below items for study:
_Code of Conduct
_understand Division 01 vs. Supplementary conditions
_read thoroughly A201 with commentary and go through the A201 lecture by Schiff Hardin
_read Project Delivery (from ironwarrior too)
_Gang Chen was surprisingly helpful - do his questions and dig out the source and try to understand the essence behind
_do Ballast Q&A
_do Kaplan Q&A
_read through Caroline's notes
_particularly, Caroline's notes on ADA is very clear
_understand different charts: pert, gantt, critical etc.

i did all of the above, in about a week (full-time studying) and passed with much ease. i finished all the questions with about 30 mins left to review the Marked ones. the code were difficult, but again, also some not so difficult so i guess i got some wrong but still managed to pass. good luck everyone!

* * *

i took the exam for the 4th time yesterday. the data bank of questions they have never cease to impress me that very very few questions was a repeat.
i felt overall i had a reasonable grasp on the exam and want to write this down for anyone who may benefit from this:

if you had a good reading of A201 and B101, a good portion of the exam comes from that, and basically you are set.
also, the practice exams in Ballast, Kaplan and Gang Chen are very helpful. i feel like many of the questions almost come in some similar of those.
read Code of Conduct.
understand Division 01 vs contract.

the code questions were very difficult. they were not the typical code questions you see around. actually very specific. and to be honest, even if i were to focus on codes, i am not really sure how i would have had the idea of study those specific ones. so it's a matter of trying to make the most sensible guess in that given code question situation. :cry:
but i managed to get two right by guessing, and one wrong by guess, and one i actually knew the answer but got confused about the question and answered it wrong.
the thing about the exam is they don't ask you straightly about something, there is always a little twist to how they ask.

btw, an observation.
with the questions that i think i am pretty sure i know the answer, i notice that the choices were always consistently three very similar ones that were wrong, and then the right answer which was different from the other similar three. i guess they want to distract.

i don't know if it is me studying more this time, the questions all seem more straightforward and relatively manageable this time around.

the graphic vignette was no different from the normal ones you practice with.
to quote coach, the graphic exam has always been the easy one.
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Re: post-exam

Postby cma52572 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:58 am

Thanks for that! I will for sure look at those resources.

I have a bunch of books and flash cards and the issue I am having w/ CDs is that the info is conflicting all over the place. Ie I did not think the "performance bond" was part of the contract documents, but according to the ironWarrior practice test it is.

Im working on compiling a full list of questions and conflicting info to see if anyone can assist. I plan to take the test in 2 weeks.
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